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JH-HS-TE Performances

November 2020-HS Choir at Veterans' Day Assembly-at

December 10, 2020-JH Choir & Band Winter Concert at 7pm

December 14, 2020-HS Choir & Band Winter Concert at 7pm     

     (includes Traveling Ensemble & Jazz Band)

December 2020-TE Day trip around community

December 15, 2020-TE Performance for Lions' Club at 7:30pm in Bascom

December 2020-Senior Music Trip to TSO in ...12-10pm

January 30, 2021-HS Solo & Ensemble at Marion Harding-all day (optional)

March 12 or 13, 2021-HS Choir and Band-District 2 Large Group Adjudicated Event in Oak Harbor

March 2021-JH Solo & Ensemble at Seneca East-all day (optional)

April 2021-HS Choir and Band-District 2-State Large Group Adjudicated Event in Van Buren (for choir) and Findlay (for band)

May 6, 2021-HS Choir & Band Spring Concert at 6pm                          

    (includes Traveling Ensemble and Jazz Band)

May 11, 2021-JH Choir and Band Spring Concert at 7pm

May 2021-TE Performances for Elementary


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