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Elementary Skills & Concepts

Throughout the year, K-4 students will...


-learn to keep a steady beat

-read and write rhythms through a variety of methods and activities

-read and write melodies through a variety of methods and activities

-receive solfege training (do re mi fa so la ti do)

-create and improvise rhythms and melodies

-play, create and improvise with instruments

-move to music including specific actions and/or choreography

-participate in games and dances including folk games and dances

-learn about musical form-ex. AABA

-listen, analyze and discuss classical music and other listening examples

-partipate in part singing/partwork-ex. rounds/canons, melodies with countermelodies, ostinati, and partner songs              

-practice solo singing as well as singing in small and large groups

-memorize melodies, rhythm patterns, and words

-learn about the elements of music-ex. tempo, dynamics

-improve their inner hearing skills

-learn to play the recorder (4th grade with Mr. Nelson)

-learn about appropriate stage presence (grades 3 & 4)

-practice focus and discipline

-have the opportunity to perform in public (grades 3 &4)

-experience cross-curricular connections

-examine children's literature through music

-grow musically, socially and emotionally





















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