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Hi there, I'm Jordo. Most people ask me these questions:

  • Why did you grow your hair out?
  • Are you going to grow it out again?
  • How do you know so much about these magical tech thingymajiggers??? Can you teach me your ways?

In order: I don't know, no, I just do, and maybe!

About Me

I'm currently a senior at HL. I've been attending school here since kindergarten and have been active on the Tech Team since seventh grade. I also recently created a thing called Teach-N-Share that you should totally check out. I mean it!

I'll probably put more here eventually... Maybe....

Oh yeah! The Big Man wanted me to throw in here that if you have ANY issues, submit a workorder. Seriously, we forget easily and need to keep track of things. If you have an issue and don't submit one, we will forget. So yeah, do that!

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